Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cutie Pie

Two month check up today

26 inches long

 15lb 2oz



I've made some small changes around here......first in the boys' room.

Found these military uniform sketches for my boys' room at a garage sale. Five dollars for a set of  five, there's an eagle print also.

Here's a close up.........

My AWESOME Dad installed yet another light fixture for me, it was a nightmare. But look how fabulous it is!

LOVE YOU DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

(You can kind of see the eagle print at the bottom and the new window shades.)

Trim was added to the shades. 

I'd love to have matchstick blinds in here but they are so expensive for the sizes I need. Maybe someday!

Plans for the guest room have also changed....imagine that, me changing my mind!?!?! 

My sweet friend gave me a JoAnn gift card for my birthday and I found this apricot taffeta blend fabric for $3 a yard!

It be looking REAL good on the channel back headboard!!

Slightly 80's but I LOVE it!

Picture it with muddy olive green walls, black and white stripe shams, white bedding and a bolster in that vintage floral blue fabric above.

In the words of Bruce Almighty....."It's GOOOOOOOD!"

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


While perusing the latest Country Living magazine at my parents house recently I fell in love. 

With this room. 

This room solidified my plan to paint our master bedroom high gloss navy. 

That is all, carry on with your Tuesday!

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Tomorrow my youngest brother Kurtis is getting married!

Kurt and I

With our aunt Caroline at the beach in San Francisco

Kurtis, Mikey and I shortly after we moved to MT from CA.

And now, all grown up.

I am so happy for him and so, so excited to have Beth in our family.

Congratulations you two,wishing God's richest blessings on your life together!

Love you both!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nursery reveal

I finally got around to taking some pictures of Isaac's nursery today, although they are not great quality. His room is pretty small making it hard to photograph, plus I don't have a great camera!

So without further adieu...............

And here is the little man himself enjoying his "big" crib (he's still in a bassinet in our room).

I think he approves.

New headboard

Picked up this vintage channel back headboard for our guest room last night for $20!

I have SERIOUS connections people!!

 While the upholstery isn't my favorite it is in perfect condition so I'm going to make it work. I'm thinking all white bedding, maybe some large scale black and white striped shams, leopard print pillow, modern art and lamp; wall color will stay the same muddy olive green similar to this.

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

I personally love the look of a super girly or antique bed with more masculine and modern elements.

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

 Pretty excited about this room!

Friday, August 10, 2012


Today is my birthday.

This morning Jude asked me what time my party was tonight. So cute!

I tried to explain to my birthday crazed four year old that once you get older birthdays are just like every other day. He didn't agree.

 I am totally fine with that notion by the way. I do not like being the center of attention. I get embarrassed when even my family sings Happy Birthday to me! I'm definitely not one of those people who will have some big bash when I turn thirty.

Which is in THREE years!!!

I'm definitely going to have a nervous breakdown when that comes around!

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not afraid of getting old(er). Time just goes by SOOOO fast it freaks me out!!!

I can remember being in high school with my whole life ahead of me like it was just yesterday, not like it was ten years ago!

Jude and Phin will be five and three next year, Stanley and I will have been married eight years in November and Isaac is already two months old!

I just want time to slow down!!

It does make me really cherish each day though, even the ones filled with spit up, quarrels and sleepless nights; and especially the ones where I get presents!

Speaking of which, tonight I'm going to pick up this vintage beauty. (Which I will be painting and reupholstering immediately.)

Happy Birthday to me indeed!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The most important meal of the day

Breakfast Nook


The perfect place to enjoy some fresh squeezed orange juice and my favorite pancakes on a Saturday morning!