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Friday, October 12, 2012

Eclectic Dinette


Happy Friday! The hubs has been off since Sunday and it has been SOOOO nice!! We are thoroughly enjoying this time together with the boys and we'll all be sad when Daddy has to go back to work. I've been thinking a lot about our dining area and my plans for it and the kitchen. I recently found a vintage settee on Craigslist for my Aunt to use for photo shoots. When she's done using it I'm planning on buying it back from her to use instead of building a banquette. We have a crazy faux rock wall that will cost a lot to replace and since we'll have such a small budget for this project it will probably have to stay. I mean what would you rather spend money on? The kitchen....counter tops and appliances or removing a 'feature' wall? Yeah, definitely the kitchen, I can live with the faux rock. The plan is to reupholster the settee in some kid friendly outdoor fabric-have a good source for me?? I'm thinking a crazy print is in order or some stripes like the above settee. 

I love this space by Caitlin Wilson too!! I've always wanted a chalkboard wall somewhere, maybe in the kitchen?

We'll see though, you know how I change my mind!

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

What have I been up to?

We've had so much stuff going on lately that the last few weeks have been a whirlwind. I started school with Jude after Labor Day and we've been slowly plugging along. Homeschooling is not easy let me tell you, not even if it's only preschool/kindergarten! Last year Jude LOVED school, he would sit at the table and do school work for hours if I let him. I prayed and prayed that it would last! No such luck. It's not like pulling teeth or anything the novelty has definitely worn off.

He still loves helping fold the laundry though!

School work and laundry aside, I have done a few small projects around the house. I decided that the new shades in the boys room were too plain so I added some fabric to them. Here they are before with just the trim.

And with the fabric:

Much better! I don't know what I did though, maybe cut off too much of the vinyl shade, but the other two shades will not roll up now. Thankfully I saved the left over shade that I cut off. I'm hoping that if I add some length back that will fix the problem. 

Almost every Saturday morning from July to September my Mom and I load up all three of my boys in her car and hit the garage sales. The Jude and Phin watch a DVD, Isaac sleeps and we get some awesome stuff!  I got this cow(?) skull for a dollar one morning.....I do live in Montana after all. It sat in the garage for a few weeks until I decided it needed to be silver, so last week I spray painted it and hung it the living room.

One of the Saturdays that I missed, my Mom went out with my brother and his wife. She found a pair of  these awesome chairs for five dollars each. 

 They came with a small table, also five dollars, that I have in the basement family room. I knew that I wanted to either make new covers for them or find some sheepskins to lay over them. The next day I was at Target and found these faux fur rugs on sale for fifteen dollars each. They work quite well I think. They are just sitting on top of the cushion and  I have them pulled up rather high so they don't fall down but I hate seeing the cushion peeking out at the bottom. I'm planning on stitching the rug to the cushions at the top so they won't fall down and that should cover the cushion at the bottom.

This last weekend I found these vintage black and white photos at a garage sale, a dollar for a set of three. They are kind of creepy but I love them!

Here is a close up of  the third one in the set (it's a long panoramic type shot like the other one above). I can't look at it without thinking of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I'm going to give it to my horror movie loving brother. 

Yeah I definitely can't have that on my wall.

With new art I figured I should rearrange everything on the TV cabinet (of course!), here's what it looks like now. Any bets on how long it stays this way? 

 A couple weeks ago I finally sewed the drapes for our bedroom from this David Hicks for Groundworks  fabric.  I've looked online but I can't find it in the black colorway that I have, except for this remnant for $69.00, if you're interested I did find it in Moss or Tan colorways. I got mine from about two years ago on clearance for $7.95 a yard. I didn't even know that it was a David Hicks or Groundworks fabric since it was just listed as "Pomegranate". I liked the pattern so I ordered a yard. When I got it I couldn't believe the quality (a beautiful linen-it wasn't even listed as linen.) and since it said "David Hicks for Groundworks" on the selvage I looked it up online. After I knew what it was I ordered quite a few more yards, to say the least. 

Here is one of the panels hanging in our room. I'm planning on reupholstering our headboard in this fabric and I have just enough left over to upholster a headboard for my parents guest room-pictures coming soon of that makeover. 

Oh and that pink is not a paint color it's the old wallpaper we still need to strip. I couldn't handle the dusty mini-blinds for another day so I threw them out and put the drapes up. We'll just take the rods down when we strip the wallpaper, which may be happening soon! The hubs is trying to take some vacation time before the holiday rush hits, he manages the meat department at a local grocery store and things are CRAZY from November to January! We have quite a few projects we want to tackle around here while he is off. The living room carpet needs to get ripped up first, I can't wait to get that done!

So, what projects have you tackled recently?

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Tomorrow my youngest brother Kurtis is getting married!

Kurt and I

With our aunt Caroline at the beach in San Francisco

Kurtis, Mikey and I shortly after we moved to MT from CA.

And now, all grown up.

I am so happy for him and so, so excited to have Beth in our family.

Congratulations you two,wishing God's richest blessings on your life together!

Love you both!!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Isaac's newborn photos

Just a few pictures from Isaac's newborn shoot today with my Aunt.......he's such a sweetie!

All images Caroline Madsen Photography

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Something witty........

Sorry for the silence around here.

Over the last two weeks we've passed around, sinus infections, fevers and the stomach flu at our house.

(Throwing up at 8 months pregnant is a hell I wouldn't wish on my worst enemies!)

We've been through countless loads of laundry, bottles of Pepto and had to throw out the area rug in the boys room after a particularly disgusting diaper change. 

Thankfully we had another one to take it's place.

In between illnesses I was able to finally get the print from my Aunt hung over Isaac's crib. I used this tutorial (from Jenny the DIY Queen) because I still want to have a mobile of some sort and didn't want it to compete too much with a bulky frame.

Sorry for the glare and reflections in these photos, it was very difficult to photograph!

As for the mobile I have two ideas.

I love this mobile from YLiving and it looks like a really simple DIY.
Source: via Katie on Pinterest

The other option is using origami cranes to make one similar to this.

My sweet friend Jessica's oldest daughter loves origami and offered to make me a bunch of cranes. I still can't decide what color paper I would pick, most likely white....we'll see.

In other news, I was at my parents house last week, alone and with some time on my hands so I turned on HGTV and caught an episode of Selling L.A.

Am I the only one who could watch real estate shows every night F-O-R-E-V-E-R??

And yes that was a Sandlot reference.

House Hunters is hit or miss most of the time and like Naomi I totally make fun of the homeowners!

But Selling New York and Selling L.A. are great that I am looking forward to having this baby just so I can watch cable at the hospital.

And of course see my little man....don't hate on me just yet people!

Anyway, that's the latest around here.

Tune in tomorrow for discussion about our master bedroom plans.....which translated means put on your thinking caps cuz I need help!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Family pics

Last month while my brother and his wife were here visiting we wanted to get some family photos done. Of course we asked my fabulous Aunt to do it. Here are some of the beautiful shots she got.

Sweet Phin going for a walk.........

                                                    It was so windy that day!

                                        My brother and his wife.........miss you!!!!

LOVE these, thanks Caroline!!

Check out her full portfolio here.

Thursday, December 29, 2011


I just HAD to share this photo my Aunt took recently because it is STUNNING!!!

See what I mean!?!??

To see more pictures from this sister shoot go "like" her Facebook page and check out her portfolio, rates and availability here!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Caroline Madsen Photography

 Yesterday my Aunt Caroline babysat Phin for me. I've blogged about her photography before but check this out......she decided to snap a few pictures while she had him.

Aren't they stunning!??!!!
I can't get over that last photo! My baby is SO NOT a baby anymore!!!

She took these beautiful pictures of us last fall.

Here is some of her recent work.

Check her out here and here!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lonny July/Aug Issue

The new issue of Lonny came out today, it's pretty awesome! You can check it out here and here are some of my favorites:

Yes, I am a total tech-moron and have no clue how to crop said gorgeous images (any help is appreciated!)
Also, I've blogged before about Caroline Madsen (my very talented Auntie) Photography (here) but she now has a Facebook business page AND is hosting a pretty sweet giveaway this go on and check it out, you know you want to!!