Friday, August 10, 2012


Today is my birthday.

This morning Jude asked me what time my party was tonight. So cute!

I tried to explain to my birthday crazed four year old that once you get older birthdays are just like every other day. He didn't agree.

 I am totally fine with that notion by the way. I do not like being the center of attention. I get embarrassed when even my family sings Happy Birthday to me! I'm definitely not one of those people who will have some big bash when I turn thirty.

Which is in THREE years!!!

I'm definitely going to have a nervous breakdown when that comes around!

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not afraid of getting old(er). Time just goes by SOOOO fast it freaks me out!!!

I can remember being in high school with my whole life ahead of me like it was just yesterday, not like it was ten years ago!

Jude and Phin will be five and three next year, Stanley and I will have been married eight years in November and Isaac is already two months old!

I just want time to slow down!!

It does make me really cherish each day though, even the ones filled with spit up, quarrels and sleepless nights; and especially the ones where I get presents!

Speaking of which, tonight I'm going to pick up this vintage beauty. (Which I will be painting and reupholstering immediately.)

Happy Birthday to me indeed!


Erin @ His and Hers said...

Whoa! You go girl with the reupholstering! Happy birthday. :)

Erin said...


I would wish you a happy belated birthday but I'm too busy seething with jealousy...


Katie Waddell said...

LOL! Yes, 27.....I feel like I'm about 50 though! :) How are guys doing? Adjusting and sleeping well? Hope your labor and delivery went well. You've been missed in the blogosphere!! :)

Katie Waddell said...

Thank you!!