Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Living vicariously

There are quite a few bloggers/designers who have been (or will be soon) working on their own new homes/spaces lately. Personally that's my favorite blog post to read, seeing real people with real budgets design their own homes.

It's such a fun process to watch for me since with my own home I have serious design ADD and change my mind a million times a day. On top of that I have a non existent budget so I am definitely living vicariously through these talented ladies. If you haven't been following them, you really should be!

First up is Chassity at Look Linger Love who is in the process of renovating her new home. She's posted some pretty awesome sneak peeks. Including a pink fireplace and some FAB tile!

                                         All images via Chassity@ LookLingerLove

So excited to see this house when it's all done! Also, go check out the beautiful art in her etsy shop Hang This Wear That. She's pretty darn talented and I have a feeling that being real good friends with Sally King Benedict (SO jealous!) helps!

Carla from Color Me Carla has also been busy on her new house. She's been working on it for a few months and has such AWESOME style!!

Here are some of the plans she's posted........

All images via Color Me Carla

Erin over at Design Crisis has been plugging away on her house too (and making major progress for being 9 months pregnant!)


 I'm sure you've seen her master bedroom all over Pinterest lately (with good reason, it's outstanding!).

                                                            All images via Design Crisis

She's definitely another one to be following, great, great design and laugh out loud wit!

Naomi at Design Manifest has also been hard at work, most recently on her bedroom.

So pretty and cozy!

I'm sure you have seen her gorgeous loft, which was featured in Lonny.

All images via Design Manifest

Also check out  Lauren at Pure Style Home, she and her husband just bought a new home and I can't wait to see what they do with it. Jen at Jentrified also moved recently and has the coolest wallpaper going up in her powder room, check it out here.

Keep up the great work ladies, I love seeing it!!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

What I'm loving right now....

Hello from the land of breast milk, dirty diapers and sleepless nights!

Just popping in to say Hi and share a few of my loves of late.

1.These curtains, which are GORGEOUS in person.

Like so gorgeous you could make a wedding dress out of them- no joke!

2.This nursery from the Traditional Home Hamptons 2012 Showhouse by House of Honey ............I don't have words for how fabulous it is.

Although I could do without the butterfly......

That rocker, the wallpaper and paint color, the rug, the styling.......it's all SO good!!

3.This rug which is for sale on Craigslist very near me and would be fab in our living room......anyone want to buy it for me?

4.This vanilla bean cheesecake with chocolate crust and salted caramel looks so good!

However, seeing as how I have lost 38 pounds since having Isaac six weeks ago (YAY me!!),  I'm gonna pass and keep up my diet. But somebody make it and eat some for me!

And of course I'm loving these munchkins.

Happy Monday!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Slowly but surely...

I will be back to blogging like normal.


Cross my heart!

After Isaac's scary start, which kept me from holding him until he was almost a week old, I can't seem to put him down. I'm not one of those Moms who "wear" their babies and hold them 24/7 but I can't help myself!

So stinking cute!!!

Needless to say not much gets done around here right now. On top of falling behind on laundry, cooking and who am I kidding....showering, I have hardly been online.

I actually had 154 e-mails this morning. Yikes!

While I've been baby busy I've missed some pretty sweet stuff on Pinterest, check it out.

Source: decorpad.com via Katie on Pinterest
Source: amazon.com via Katie on Pinterest

Just lovely!

I've also been helping with the design of my cousins room, she just turned 13 and is getting a grown up bedroom for her birthday. She is in Italy and Greece for a few weeks so my Aunt and I are scrambling to get it all done before she gets back.

After a paint disaster we are back on track and I'm so excited to see it all come together.

My cuz picked out some gorgeous bedding from Anthro.....

 but most everything else is a surprise so just in case she is checking in I won't spoil it for her.

Well, I'm off to snuggle my little man........be back soon!