Monday, July 30, 2012

What I'm loving right now....

Hello from the land of breast milk, dirty diapers and sleepless nights!

Just popping in to say Hi and share a few of my loves of late.

1.These curtains, which are GORGEOUS in person.

Like so gorgeous you could make a wedding dress out of them- no joke!

2.This nursery from the Traditional Home Hamptons 2012 Showhouse by House of Honey ............I don't have words for how fabulous it is.

Although I could do without the butterfly......

That rocker, the wallpaper and paint color, the rug, the's all SO good!!

3.This rug which is for sale on Craigslist very near me and would be fab in our living room......anyone want to buy it for me?

4.This vanilla bean cheesecake with chocolate crust and salted caramel looks so good!

However, seeing as how I have lost 38 pounds since having Isaac six weeks ago (YAY me!!),  I'm gonna pass and keep up my diet. But somebody make it and eat some for me!

And of course I'm loving these munchkins.

Happy Monday!!!

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