Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Slowly but surely...

I will be back to blogging like normal.


Cross my heart!

After Isaac's scary start, which kept me from holding him until he was almost a week old, I can't seem to put him down. I'm not one of those Moms who "wear" their babies and hold them 24/7 but I can't help myself!

So stinking cute!!!

Needless to say not much gets done around here right now. On top of falling behind on laundry, cooking and who am I kidding....showering, I have hardly been online.

I actually had 154 e-mails this morning. Yikes!

While I've been baby busy I've missed some pretty sweet stuff on Pinterest, check it out.

Source: decorpad.com via Katie on Pinterest
Source: amazon.com via Katie on Pinterest

Just lovely!

I've also been helping with the design of my cousins room, she just turned 13 and is getting a grown up bedroom for her birthday. She is in Italy and Greece for a few weeks so my Aunt and I are scrambling to get it all done before she gets back.

After a paint disaster we are back on track and I'm so excited to see it all come together.

My cuz picked out some gorgeous bedding from Anthro.....

 but most everything else is a surprise so just in case she is checking in I won't spoil it for her.

Well, I'm off to snuggle my little man........be back soon!

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Erin said...

Dude... get off the net and snuggle while you can!