Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A great looking cheap rug that even Valorie Hart likes! *Updated

(Just kidding, did you see that episode though? So funny!)

In the May/June issue of Rue there is an article on Valorie Hart's home.

What caught my eye right away was the area rug(s) in her bedroom.

It's from WalMart if you can believe it!!!  (I blogged about it here

It's an indoor/outdoor rug and a 5x8 will only put you back $50!

Source: walmart.com via Katie on Pinterest

How great do two of them look layered in Valorie's bedroom?!!

Just goes to show you that you can find great design ANYWHERE!!

*Update- I went through the archives on Valorie's blog and found a post that lists more sources for her bedroom, check it out here.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Celestial Maps

                                                              Image via

                                                                  Image via

I'm sure most of you are familiar with these images of a framed constellation chart in Thomas O'Brien's apartment.

While at a garage sale last week I came across a vintage constellation wheel game for $2. It came with six different colored star wheels, two of which were the classic navy. The others are black, white and turquiose.

Here are the navy ones in Isaac's nursery. I just popped them into some frames that I had lying around.

Etsy has some great options if you want one too.

Source: etsy.com via Katie on Pinterest
Source: etsy.com via Katie on Pinterest
Source: etsy.com via Katie on Pinterest
Source: etsy.com via Katie on Pinterest

Friday, May 25, 2012

Guest room

 Last weekend at a garage sale I got a flannel sheet set (our basement is pretty cold) for our guest room.

They're red and white floral toile but they are nicely faded....almost a pink and white.

Similar to this fabric....

I'm thinking an upholstered headboard in this fabric....

With lavender piping....

and olive green walls

Source: bhg.com via Katie on Pinterest

It'll be beautiful!

Friday, May 18, 2012


For the last few weeks I've been going back and forth on my paint choice for our bedroom.

Just to remind you this is what we have going on in our very small bedroom.

   The abstracts on either side of the bed will be changed out for some vintage chinoiserie prints and the headboard still needs nailhead trim.

Mr. Brown nightstand has since been painted this color (Rustoleum Gloss smoke gray)

I also swapped out the hardware for these that I had left over

Opposite the bed we have this situation............told you this room was small!

The above mirror has been swapped out for this painting.............

These fabrics are also in the mix.....David Hicks large scale print will be curtains, ochre floral (much prettier in person!) is a long bolster and gray ikat is a small pillow.

Originally I was planning on a pale pink for the walls..........like these.

Source: decorpad.com via Katie on Pinterest
Source: google.com via Katie on Pinterest

But lately I've been wondering should I go dark(er) instead?

The last two photos are close to where I'd be going if I chose something darker...an inky green charcoal gray.

If I did something darker on the walls I'd paint the trim (and the closet doors) the same color like the bedroom (by AB Chao) above. The dresser would be painted either the same as the nightstand (Rustoleum smoke gray) or high gloss white or black.

If I decide to go with the light pink the dresser will definitely be painted high gloss black.

So what do you think, light or dark or neither or both or any other combo of the two????

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Something witty........

Sorry for the silence around here.

Over the last two weeks we've passed around, sinus infections, fevers and the stomach flu at our house.

(Throwing up at 8 months pregnant is a hell I wouldn't wish on my worst enemies!)

We've been through countless loads of laundry, bottles of Pepto and had to throw out the area rug in the boys room after a particularly disgusting diaper change. 

Thankfully we had another one to take it's place.

In between illnesses I was able to finally get the print from my Aunt hung over Isaac's crib. I used this tutorial (from Jenny the DIY Queen) because I still want to have a mobile of some sort and didn't want it to compete too much with a bulky frame.

Sorry for the glare and reflections in these photos, it was very difficult to photograph!

As for the mobile I have two ideas.

I love this mobile from YLiving and it looks like a really simple DIY.
Source: yliving.com via Katie on Pinterest

The other option is using origami cranes to make one similar to this.

My sweet friend Jessica's oldest daughter loves origami and offered to make me a bunch of cranes. I still can't decide what color paper I would pick, most likely white....we'll see.

In other news, I was at my parents house last week, alone and with some time on my hands so I turned on HGTV and caught an episode of Selling L.A.

Am I the only one who could watch real estate shows every night F-O-R-E-V-E-R??

And yes that was a Sandlot reference.

House Hunters is hit or miss most of the time and like Naomi I totally make fun of the homeowners!

But Selling New York and Selling L.A. are great......so great that I am looking forward to having this baby just so I can watch cable at the hospital.

And of course see my little man....don't hate on me just yet people!

Anyway, that's the latest around here.

Tune in tomorrow for discussion about our master bedroom plans.....which translated means put on your thinking caps cuz I need help!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dining Room???

I seriously miss our dining room (not to mention our kitchen) at our old house. It had huge windows, 10' ceilings and plenty of room.

Pardon the night photo.

This is our "dining room" at our new house (shortly after we moved in).......all 4.5 square feet of it.

Okay it's not 4.5 square feet but it is tiny and our old table was not cutting it! You could hardly fit around the sides of table.

The boys had also beat that table up pretty good so it really needed to go.  I've been looking for a round table for awhile now. It would be a much better fit for this space and if it had a leaf, would also work well with the banquette seating we plan on adding down the road. 

Kind of something like these........

Source: elledecor.com via Katie on Pinterest
Source: bhg.com via Katie on Pinterest

Last week I sold an end table on Craigslist for $25 and just happened to come across a listing for a round dining table with a leaf for $30.

I talked the seller down to $25 and this little cutie came home with us.

As you can see I finally got around to peeling the wallpaper from that wall and painting it. I also moved the bulletin board here since we do most school stuff and art projects at the dining table. My boys are so excited to have a place other than the fridge to display their art.

Without the leaf it's about 41" in diameter which is perfect for our family. When we have dinner guests we can just add the leaf.

The top is formica which I have to say is SO nice with two (almost three) messy boys. I may try my hand at painting it faux marble (like Danika did-GENIUS!) since it has yellowed some with age. 

And while it's not the Saarinen that I dream of,  I am loving being able to get my big pregnant belly around the table without hitting someone in the head!

Oh and I CAN"T wait to tear up that hideous carpet!!!