Thursday, May 17, 2012

Something witty........

Sorry for the silence around here.

Over the last two weeks we've passed around, sinus infections, fevers and the stomach flu at our house.

(Throwing up at 8 months pregnant is a hell I wouldn't wish on my worst enemies!)

We've been through countless loads of laundry, bottles of Pepto and had to throw out the area rug in the boys room after a particularly disgusting diaper change. 

Thankfully we had another one to take it's place.

In between illnesses I was able to finally get the print from my Aunt hung over Isaac's crib. I used this tutorial (from Jenny the DIY Queen) because I still want to have a mobile of some sort and didn't want it to compete too much with a bulky frame.

Sorry for the glare and reflections in these photos, it was very difficult to photograph!

As for the mobile I have two ideas.

I love this mobile from YLiving and it looks like a really simple DIY.
Source: via Katie on Pinterest

The other option is using origami cranes to make one similar to this.

My sweet friend Jessica's oldest daughter loves origami and offered to make me a bunch of cranes. I still can't decide what color paper I would pick, most likely white....we'll see.

In other news, I was at my parents house last week, alone and with some time on my hands so I turned on HGTV and caught an episode of Selling L.A.

Am I the only one who could watch real estate shows every night F-O-R-E-V-E-R??

And yes that was a Sandlot reference.

House Hunters is hit or miss most of the time and like Naomi I totally make fun of the homeowners!

But Selling New York and Selling L.A. are great that I am looking forward to having this baby just so I can watch cable at the hospital.

And of course see my little man....don't hate on me just yet people!

Anyway, that's the latest around here.

Tune in tomorrow for discussion about our master bedroom plans.....which translated means put on your thinking caps cuz I need help!


Erin said...

OH NO!!!!!!!

I had the stomach flu at the beginning of my pregnancy and it was horrible -- I thought it was morning sickness and found myself thinking seriously dark thoughts about the whole situation. I'm so sorry you and the boys had to go through that!

Of course you've still managed to whip out a diy and concoct a plan for another one. Of course.


Katie Waddell said...

My only super powers are Super Pregnancy Hormones that make me want to re-do every room in my poor hubby! ;)