Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A great looking cheap rug that even Valorie Hart likes! *Updated

(Just kidding, did you see that episode though? So funny!)

In the May/June issue of Rue there is an article on Valorie Hart's home.

What caught my eye right away was the area rug(s) in her bedroom.

It's from WalMart if you can believe it!!!  (I blogged about it here

It's an indoor/outdoor rug and a 5x8 will only put you back $50!

Source: walmart.com via Katie on Pinterest

How great do two of them look layered in Valorie's bedroom?!!

Just goes to show you that you can find great design ANYWHERE!!

*Update- I went through the archives on Valorie's blog and found a post that lists more sources for her bedroom, check it out here.


Teenage Bride said...

not usually a fan of green... but wow that works!

Katie Waddell said...

Me neither, but it does work here! :)