Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dining Room???

I seriously miss our dining room (not to mention our kitchen) at our old house. It had huge windows, 10' ceilings and plenty of room.

Pardon the night photo.

This is our "dining room" at our new house (shortly after we moved in).......all 4.5 square feet of it.

Okay it's not 4.5 square feet but it is tiny and our old table was not cutting it! You could hardly fit around the sides of table.

The boys had also beat that table up pretty good so it really needed to go.  I've been looking for a round table for awhile now. It would be a much better fit for this space and if it had a leaf, would also work well with the banquette seating we plan on adding down the road. 

Kind of something like these........

Source: elledecor.com via Katie on Pinterest
Source: bhg.com via Katie on Pinterest

Last week I sold an end table on Craigslist for $25 and just happened to come across a listing for a round dining table with a leaf for $30.

I talked the seller down to $25 and this little cutie came home with us.

As you can see I finally got around to peeling the wallpaper from that wall and painting it. I also moved the bulletin board here since we do most school stuff and art projects at the dining table. My boys are so excited to have a place other than the fridge to display their art.

Without the leaf it's about 41" in diameter which is perfect for our family. When we have dinner guests we can just add the leaf.

The top is formica which I have to say is SO nice with two (almost three) messy boys. I may try my hand at painting it faux marble (like Danika did-GENIUS!) since it has yellowed some with age. 

And while it's not the Saarinen that I dream of,  I am loving being able to get my big pregnant belly around the table without hitting someone in the head!

Oh and I CAN"T wait to tear up that hideous carpet!!!


Erin said...

You and are clearly suffering from the same malady -- tiny roomitis.

I think you did a great job solving your problem.

Now if only I can solve mine...

Katie Waddell said...

We're in the same boat too as far as the kitchen goes....can't really do the dining area without the kitchen. I'm sure you've seen my mauve cabinets and counters, vomit!