Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Birthday weekend recap

Hope you all had a great weekend! 

Mine was fantastic! Saturday was my birthday and the boys and I spent the morning hitting garage sales with my Mom. We got some great stuff! After that we ran some errands and then it was lunch/nap time. The stars aligned and I got a birthday nap, you never want/need a nap more than when you're a Mom-am I right!?

For dinner we went to my parents house and had a bbq with two of my best friends and their families.  Between our 11 kids and the kids across the street all running wild it was a little Lord Of The Flies.

Great food, great company, GREAT birthday!

Sunday morning the boys and I went to church and after Stanley got home from work we went out to dinner with his parents. Since he had worked all week, we hadn't been able to get together with them for our birthdays. We had a great dinner and narrowly missed Isaac having a major blow out...always fun.

After dinner Stanley took the boys home and I got to go spend some birthday money by myself. Ah shopping alone-doesn't get much better than that!
 No sarcasm there, I'm dead serious. 
When I got home he had also done all the dishes and cleaned the kitchen: BEST HUSBAND EVER!

I forgot suppressed that I still had one wall to paint in the living room, so after painting all day Monday one of my other besties took me out for dinner. We had a blast, as always.
 True story-we were really good friends in elementary school but lost touch over the years. We randomly found each other via Facebook a few years ago and picked up right where we left off. So fun!

Here are some of the treasures I picked up on Saturday:

Sorry for the blurry phone pics

BIG (37x37) vintage abstract $3.50 The painted parts were originally yellow, navy and tan but it really needed an update. (I checked to make sure it wasn't a priceless piece and then proceeded.) Green paint and a foam brush to the rescue! The frame is a little rough so I may end up painting it, probably black or white.

9' x 12' vintage rug from France $15
Phin laying in that position to watch a movie:priceless

Vintage original oil painting $7
The lamp, one of a pair, was also a garage sale find from earlier this summer ($5 for the pair) as was the alpaca ($1)-very Jamie Meares, no?

Arrows $10 (in a vase I stole borrowed from my Mom) a la Emily Henderson:

 I scored this very old piece above for $3, it's about 1.5 ft. by 3.5 feet. The elderly woman I bought it from told me that it was from her Great Grandmother. The frame is beautiful in person!

This pendant, next to an apple for comparison, was $4. I'm going to have my Dad swap it out for the mint green chandy that's in the hallway.

I just ordered a new coffee table (BIG thank you to my in-laws!!!!) so I will be doing a big post about our updated living room when it gets here. I also have some updates to Isaac's nursery, the boys' room, our master bedroom and the basement to share....for all that spare time I have. 
On top of that I'm just starting to work on our upstairs bathroom. This will be a budget upgrade just to get it liveable/useable until we gut it (in 20 years :) but I'm really excited about it. 
More on that later.

Happy hump day!

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Leah said...

beautiful finds! the prices kill me! I need to find more time for garage and estate sales. happy belated bday!