Thursday, August 15, 2013

Being crazy can pay off BIG TIME!

On the way home from my parents house last night I spotted a pick up truck a few cars ahead of me with what looked like an Eames lounge chair in the back. When it turned up the street toward my favorite thrift store I followed. 
I had to right!?
 I figured if he was planning on giving it away why not give it to me.

After following him for a few minutes it was obvious he wasn't going to donate it. 

He drove across town while my gas light came on and I wondered whether this wild goose chase was worth it. Finally, around the block from my sister in laws house he pulled over. I drove up next to the truck and politely asked the driver if he would be willing to sell the chair. 
He shrugged and said, "Why not, I have the ottoman back here too."
I tried to act like I wasn't ecstatic.

I wrote him a check ($45!!!), he and his buddy loaded the chair and ottoman into my van and I drove off with a perma smile the size of Texas.

It's a Selig not an Eames, but still!!

The frame is in pristine condition, (plywood needs some oil or wax maybe?) but the leather on the ottoman needs some TLC. 
Any suggestions?

Yes, following some stranger and asking if you can buy his furniture is about as crazy as it gets but SOOOOOO worth it.

PS-Another reason to always carry your checkbook!

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Karen Reid-Mogford said...

Very jealous! Love it and the story!