Thursday, August 8, 2013

Saying goodbye to 'the ranch'

This post is dedicated to one of my favorite places, the ranch.

Besides being a great movie, the original Parent Trap also has (IMHO) the most fantastic house. 
(And don't get me started on Maureen O'Hara-so stunning!)

I will take Susan's bedroom (below) just like it is, thank you!

I watched this movie a lot growing up. And so began my love affair with sprawling ranch houses.

My Aunt and Uncle rented a weekend place (for the last 25+ years) on a ranch here in MT that reminded me a lot of this house. My cousins and I spent a lot of time there growing up. My brother and I always agreed that if we could ever purchase land and build a house we would build that EXACT house! 
Among other vintage touches, it included original tile in all the bathrooms and the kitchen that was eerily similar to the bathroom in the movie. Last fall the ranch was sold and the house along with it, so my Aunt and Uncle had clear all of their stuff out.  

We went out to 'the ranch' one last time in December last year to pick up some furniture they had generously given us. I brought my camera because I needed some pictures of the house that meant so much to me.

Looking from the front entry down hallway:

Living room/sun porch:

Family room/dining/kitchen:

Master bedroom/bath/closets:
You could totally have seven kids and they could all share this room-it's HUGE!

Guest bedroom bath:

Door detail:
 (check out the green doors in the Parent Trap bathroom above-so alike!)
These closet doors are the first thing you see when you come in the back door (two sets of double doors side by side). 
They each weigh about 962 pounds.

Here is a floor plan (not to scale and missing a ton of built ins) to give you a better idea. Sorry it's so hard to read!

This is what lies right outside:
(stole this from my Aunts Instagram)

So beautiful!

Some of my fondest memories are being out there with my cousins. We'd go up to the lake and fish with my Uncle, explore the run down out buildings on the property and swim and float the rapids at the swimming hole. 
By far our favorite thing was playing hide and seek in the house. All those built ins made for some awesome hiding spots!

Great memories in a great house that will be greatly missed.

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