Monday, June 4, 2012

Birthday, baby update and a house tour

Sorry I've been MIA....we've been super busy this last week.

Saturday I had a joint baby shower with a friend and it also happened to be Phin's birthday.

This sweet little baby

Is now a big two year old, time flies too fast!!

He got to go out for breakfast with Grandpa, Daddy and Jude while Mommy slept in...YAY!

Afterwards he opened some gifts from our friends and we had a little mustache fun. :)

Later that night we had a little party at my parents house with some friends and family. All of his little friends brought their bikes and had so much fun.

You can't really tell how big my belly is here but I am GIGANTIC!  Isaac turned head down last week which is what I wanted but now I can hardly walk I'm in so much pain. At my appointment last week (36 weeks) I was dilated to 1 cm and 30 % effaced, I'm REALLY hoping he decides to come a little early, like in the next week or better yet TODAY. Poor kid better hurry though or he's going to have the worst cone head ever and I may end up a cripple!

In design news go check out Bailey's house tour on Design Sponge today, it's fabulous!!!

Hoping I'll be back with baby news soon, in the meantime I'm off to do some lunges.

Come on water and break!!!

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Home stretch!!!