Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Goodbye summer, Hello new bathroom

Can you believe the summer is over!? 
I don't start school with the boys until after Labor Day so we still have a few more days, but man this summer flew by!

In preparation for the quickly coming school year (and upcoming bathroom project) I've been working like crazy to get this house back in some sort of order. The painting is done in the living room, no pictures though as my coffee table hasn't arrived yet....soon I promise! 

I haven't been able to park in the garage since spring, so that's also on the list.

The hubster has been working almost three and a half weeks straight now: 8am-5pm and three nights a week at his second job. I'm actually shocked at how much I've been able to accomplish on my own with the boys at home. The list is getting smaller, it's just taking longer than expected. But that's okay  because progress is progress.

Speaking of progress, our upstairs bathroom is the only room in the house that hasn't made any in the last two years. Which is why I have never posted a picture on here before.

These pictures are from the night we put an offer on the house so FYI:the Summers Eve Wash is NOT MINE! Who leaves stuff like that out when you have a showing!?!? 

Ugh, anyway most of the crap shown was still there when we moved in. The garbage man was cursing us that week!

And yes, that is carpet.

Where to start!?

The carpet:SICK! We tore that out the day we moved in, revealing the original chipped linoleum. It's bad but nothing is worse than carpet in a bathroom with three boys!

The 'tile' on the walls is plastic. 

The wallpaper (on the wall behind the vanity) is applied right to the drywall so it can't be stripped.

Also since there is no surround/tile further up the wall in the bathtub we can't have a shower in here. 

And of course the obvious plethora of flesh/mauve/salmon/coral.

It's bad people, so BAD!!!
I'm so embarrassed when people have to use it but it's not like I can ask them to hold it...or believe me I would!

*Anyway, right now we're not sure what the scale of this project will be as far as the bathtub/shower is concerned. (That may have to wait for a few years.) 
But here's the the plan for everything else:


I'm going to prime and paint the 'tile' and the wood chair rail with oil based paint, Rustoleum high gloss white. 

I got stuck on that darn wallpaper but the most budget friendly thing to do is add some horizontal planking/paneling right over top of it and the other upper walls. Cheap and chic!

(*I should mention if we end up doing the tub/shower we will be getting a plain old white tub and fiberglass surround)

The random sconce over the toilet (?!) will be removed and the new light fixture will go over the mirror which was a gift (thank you Kay!).

Fun twist on the classic toile.

Walls/planking and ceiling will be Swiss Coffee by Behr, vanity and window casing will be black.
Brass window sash hardware for the doors and I'm thinking of getting some brass cup pulls for the drawers. Tribal rug, new white sink and toilet, vinyl floor and laminate counter tops. 

All in all cost effective, classic and beautiful.

One thing's for sure, it's going to be one hell of a before and after!


ROK said...

My friend just got her tub reglazed, and said it was AWESOME money well spent. A few hundred bucks. Might be worth asking if they can cover beige with white....

Katie Waddell said...

Thanks ROK!! I forgot to put in the post that I checked on that. There is only one company here that does it and they charge $450. :( For that amount of money we are better off getting a new one.