Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Weekend recap

What an awesome weekend we had! 

Friday night was the last hurrah, ie. cousin time before they left to go home. We had my youngest cousin J spend the night with the boys.

 Right before we walked over to Walgreens and redboxed some entertainment, J and Phin were wrestling around. Phin somehow rolled into the couch and hurt his foot. He limped around on it all weekend (it never impaired his activity or hurt him too bad to warrant a weekend immediate care trip). Bright and early Monday morning we went in and had some X-rays done and everything was where it should be. He's been letting me ice it for small amounts of time and was even running last night for the first time since it happened so he's thankfully on the mend. 

Saturday morning after pretty-ing J's hair (so much FUN!! Man, we need a girl!) we went out to breakfast with my family before their afternoon flight. I haven't seen my uncle in about 4 years so it was really nice to see him, even if it was just for a quick meal! Later that evening we got our first summer visit from the ice cream truck.

After church on Sunday morning we made a quick stop by an estate sale on the way home. I walked away with this beautiful lamp for $3 that the elderly  home owner made herself in a ceramic class "back in the day". 

Rearranged a little and came up with this cute little vignette. 

After lunch the hubs and I went mini golfing while the boys napped and Grandma and Grandpa babysat. I don't think I've shared this on here before but my ENTIRE family golfs. Not like as a hobby or a past time. My Dad and uncle are both PGA golf pro's so to say we grew up golfing is an understatement. I'm happy to report I've still got it because despite his TWO hole in ones I still beat the hubs. 
Okay, only by one stroke, but winning is winning.....right?! 
(I'm so Monica!)

On Monday after Phin's x-rays we headed to the water park with the boys.

So much fun!!!

 Monday night after dinner we met our friends and their four boys at the park to play before heading to dairy Queen for some ice cream. After the boys were bathed and had passed out for the night we watched The Shining because the hubs had never seen it. I haven't seen it in years, since reading the book in high school, but it is just as creepy and disturbing as it was back then.

 I was loving the interior of the hotel though, something that I never noticed the first time I saw it. (Who would/could though with blood spewing from elevators!?)

So very 70's....pink, gold, black, mint green, red and lots of geometric carpet that would make even David Hicks swoon.
I also really liked the green bathroom in room 237 but couldn't find a picture that didn't include that lady and nobody wants to see that!

In other design news:
Last week I was busy around the house, lots of things are being painted black.

I'm also working on painting the last wall in the living room, plus working on a little makeover for the boys shared room inspired by Heidi Merrick's beauty of a bedroom.

Pictures coming soon.

Can you believe it's almost August, where has this summer gone!?!!?

Hope you are enjoying every second of it!

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