Friday, October 12, 2012

Eclectic Dinette


Happy Friday! The hubs has been off since Sunday and it has been SOOOO nice!! We are thoroughly enjoying this time together with the boys and we'll all be sad when Daddy has to go back to work. I've been thinking a lot about our dining area and my plans for it and the kitchen. I recently found a vintage settee on Craigslist for my Aunt to use for photo shoots. When she's done using it I'm planning on buying it back from her to use instead of building a banquette. We have a crazy faux rock wall that will cost a lot to replace and since we'll have such a small budget for this project it will probably have to stay. I mean what would you rather spend money on? The kitchen....counter tops and appliances or removing a 'feature' wall? Yeah, definitely the kitchen, I can live with the faux rock. The plan is to reupholster the settee in some kid friendly outdoor fabric-have a good source for me?? I'm thinking a crazy print is in order or some stripes like the above settee. 

I love this space by Caitlin Wilson too!! I've always wanted a chalkboard wall somewhere, maybe in the kitchen?

We'll see though, you know how I change my mind!

Have a great weekend!!


charmaine said...

Love your moodboard!

Have a great weekend!

Leah said...

I've seen great outdoor fabrics by Perrenials. I like the direction you are going with it!