Monday, April 30, 2012

Bits and pieces

So I went in for my Dr. appointment last week and baby's heart rate was really high. My Dr. had me schedule an ultrasound just to be sure that everything was okay. We found out that my amniotic fluid was low but that baby is fine. Thank you Lord!

On top of (still) taking it easy they have me doing hydrotherapy at home. Sound weird?

Yeah it is, it consists of me taking two baths a day, drinking 60+ oz of water a day and cutting out caffeine, chocolate and fruit juice from my diet. I know most of you are thinking that chocolate would be awful to have to cut out but thankfully I'm not a big fan of it. I am a big fan of fruit juice though, especially orange juice. It's pretty much what I crave 24/7 and have for all of my pregnancies. 

I dream of mimosas!

I have another ultrasound on Thursday to recheck the fluid levels, I'm hoping that they have gone up. If they get too low I would have to be hospitalized until I 5-7 weeks. Yikes!

When we got home from my ultrasound this week we found a puddle in our utility closet.  Goodbye old, busted hot water heater; hello shiny new one and lots of ramen noodles!

Debbie Downer huh!?

On to the good news, I have some nursery pics to share!

I recently found this seller on ebay who has awesome vintage sarees perfect for making pillows out of. Very inexpensive and TONS of patterns and colors to choose from.

Pretty huh!?

We're planning on tackling our basement family room soon. We have SO many books, toys and other general kid stuff it's becoming a problem. We really want to get two storage cabinets, like this one below, to hide it all.

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

We'd put them in the corner and build a desk (using pieces from the 12ft. desk we already have) in between.....kind of like this.

The computer would be moved out of the bedroom and into the family room and we'd use the bedroom for my sewing table, our treadmill and elliptical and the boys train table. Right now we have three different bookcases holding all of the toys, movies and books and they're still everywhere. I'm dying to get this all organized!!

I figure further on down the line I can always jazz up the storage cabinets with some O'verlays.

Happy Monday!!


Erin said...

You have the coolest stuff, so obviously his room is looking amazing.

Now go rest and drink some water so you don't end up in the hospital!!!!!

Katie Waddell said...

LOL, you read my mind! I just told Jude (4) that he's taking a nap with me in my bed today..he's not too happy about it. ;)