Wednesday, April 4, 2012

No, I didn't fall off the face of the earth

I'm still here, don't worry. Things have been CRAZY busy around here lately. Both boys have been under the weather, the hubs has worked crazy hours and I've been trying to chip away at the ever expanding To Do list. I'm currently 28 and a half weeks and running out of time before Mr. Isaac decides to grace us with his presence.

Want to see?

I'll look back on this in about 5 weeks and wish I was still this small!
Don't believe me?

This is me 2 days before all 9 pounds and 21 inches of Phin was born.....Holy Belly Batman!!!

Anyway, for the past week I've been working on the dresser for his nursery and I'm almost done stripping and sanding. Here are some pics of the drawers all sanded down and ready for some stain.

You can still see some of the paint in the grooves but I'm kind of liking how it looks. I really wanted to use Briwax Liming Wax (since I've heard really great things about it) but wouldn't it figure no one in town carries it! I did find this stain at Home Depot though.

Hopefully I'll be done with this project soon!

I've also been working on our china cabinet. Here's what it looked like before....

I had grand plans to paint it some amazing color like these.

Bailey just finished a beauty!

And so with all this beautiful inspiration I chose........white. Bummer, I know but I couldn't make my mind up!
I didn't paint the back because I have fabric panels that fit in there. Hence my decision for white paint. I change things so constantly that instead of re-painting it in 6 months I can just change out the backing.
 I know I'm a genius.

Just waiting for the sucker to dry before we move it back into the house and then I'll show you how we re-arranged the living room. SOOO exciting huh?!


Erin said...

Dang lady, you're stripping and sanding while you have two sick boys and a 28 week old fetus?! I pretty much just stress about stuff without actually doing anything. I'm going to regret my plan of inaction very soon...

Can't wait to see how your projects turn out!

Ps: you look cute as a button!

Katie Waddell said...

You are WAY too sweet!
Believe me I have been paying for it this week, lots of contractions....have to slow way down otherwise I'll be joining you on bedrest soon. Hope you're doing well and Ike isn't running you ragged!!

Can't wait to see what paint you choose for those shelves (which I LOVE!!) I vote wall color in high gloss.

Erin said...

Hope you're just having BH contractions... You sure don't want to end up on bedrest!

Meanwhile I'm up and already overdoing it myself. It's so haed to chill when you know everything will be upside down soon!

Katie Waddell said...

No BH contractions for me, although I'm sure that I have some, most of them are the real deal. My uterus is pretty sucky...once I get to about 26 weeks I have to be really careful about doing too much. The thing that really sucks is that I don't really feel my contractions, just very slight cramping. When I was pregnant with our first I was in full on labor at 31 weeks and didn't even know it (he ended up being born 5 weeks early)! Thankfully now I know what to watch for.

So glad that you are off bedrest, it sucks when you have another child to care for!