Sunday, March 25, 2012

Faux inlay bone DIY

Remember this faux inlaid bone console table that Kristen hand painted?

I love how it turned out and I REALLY wanted to try my hand at it. (I blame the pregnancy hormones)

I have a pair of round mirrors that I thought would be perfect for this DIY, here was my inspiration picture:
Source: via Katie on Pinterest

And here is my version.

I may end up going over the white parts with a darker glaze just so it's not so stark but I'm going to give it a few days and then decide.

Is it perfect? No way.

Can you tell it's hand painted and not inlaid bone? Sure.

Am I happy with how it turned out? Yes!

I couldn't ever afford a real piece so this substitute is fine by me. I'll post pictures of the pair of them together soon, we've been working on rearranging the whole living room and everythings a mess right now.

Hope you are having a great weekend!

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Linda Leyble said...

Very cool! I think you did a great job. I am going to try this "faux" inlaid bone! I'll let you know how I do!


PS - I am going to follow you...maybe you can follow also!! Found you through Design-Crisis