Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Diamond in the Rough

That's exactly how I see our new house and I hope you will be able to as well! Sorry for my absence, we been staying with my parents for the last week. We finally closed on the new house Friday morning.
As much as I love my family (which is a lot!) we are anxious to be in the new place. We thankfully don't have long to wait.We're moving in tomorrow morning!!!!
So here are the pictures I promised you....months ago. These pics were taken by mke the day we had our home inspection.
Here is our "diamond in the rough".

                                  Exterior: At least it has curb appeal!

                                                                  Living Room


       Dining Room and Kitchen....I still have no words for this.


                                            Basement Family Room

Bedroom  # 4 (right off of the Family room) which will be our home office

             Laundry room......LOTS of space compared to what we had! Plus The Man and baby P :)

 I don't have pictures of the bedrooms or bathrooms. You're not missing much though, more crazy wallpaper, different colored carpet and a whole lot more pink! Can't wait to get moved in and start fixing her up!!!!
I'll be posting here and there over the next week until we get settled. But I will have a bunch of before and afters and maybe some tutorials!
I also updated my portfolio so go forth and check it out!! Here's a little teaser............


Erin said...

OH my goodness--that kitchen. I love when people buy houses like this, though, because they need SO much love...and I think you're just the right person to give it that love! Best of luck with your closing--so exciting! :)

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Looks like a great project! :) Stopping by from the block party~ I host a decorating party at my blog on the weekends if you would like to join in sometime.

-Katie Waddell said...

Thanks Erin! It will definitely need LOTS of love! ;)
Hi Courtney! Thanks for stopping by, I'll have to check it out!! Have a great weekend!