Monday, April 4, 2011

Some new house pics and a few thoughts

I have finally gotten around to updating the House Tour tab with new photos. Living room and Dining room shots are up now! There is so much I would change if we were staying in this house. However, since we will be moving sometime in the near future, Lord willing, I'm not changing anything. Once we are moved......different story!

I have so many projects to do once we move! But between preparing to move our four person household, house hunting, packing and all the plans bouncing around in my brain, it can get overwhelming. Not only do will we have to pack up our whole house, we have also been storing almost half of our possessions in my parents garage (thanks Mom and Dad!) and will have re-move all of that too! Yikes, makes me tired thinking about it!

I'm so excited about the next step for our family though! It will be a long hard process, but SO worth it! Just the thought of being able to send the boys outside to play makes me giddy!! (Right now we live on a one way and have a concrete courtyard. Doesn't leave many child friendly places to play!!)

Anyway go to the House Tour tab to check out the new is a sneak peek, enjoy!
*Keep in mind these rooms are not styled at all because as I said above most everything is packed up!

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