Monday, April 4, 2011

Fabric Guru Love

I've gotten a lot of fabric from a lot of places but my absolute favorite fabric resource is Not only are they a dream to work with, they have amazing prices, great selection and the best part.......any amount of fabric ships for $4.99!! Drapery lining, cotton, linen, silk, upholstery fabrics; they've got it all! Here is some of their new inventory:
This print would make some fab throw pillows

I can totally see this on an upholstered headboard with some nail head pretty! Also it's over 5 yards for $31.98!!!

Wouldn't this be cheery in a laundry room or kitchen as drapery panels or a covered message board?

This has to be my favorite! It would be AMAZING on a pair of chairs or a long bench!! Oh can you imagine a couch in this??

Same goes for this upholstery fabric. My second fav for sure!

This would be so fab on a pair of black framed chairs!

 Loving this one too. Almost 13 yards for just over $100, you can't beat that!!

 I think these fabrics would be gorgeous in a wee nursery. Drapery panels, an upholstered chair or an ottoman, throw pillows, fabric photo/message board, etc.

                                                           Mill Creek Crazy Ol Bird in Sunrise


                                                              14 yards of this for $98!!

5 Yards High End Chenille Tapestry Upholstery

Here are just some of their gorgeous upholstery fabrics
                                                2.3 yards High End Italian Made Chenille

      Chenille Upholstery Fabric in Beige/Black  6 yards $30!

So......what's your favorite fabric resource???


Erin said...

Fun! I could look at fabric all day. I've never heard of this site-I've used (I have mixed feelings about it--they often have the cheapest fabric with a wide selection and free shipping, but the customer service is questionable) and Hawthorne Threads (it's a husband/wife team and my fabric arrived 2 days later!!).

Thanks for sharing--I'm off to check this site out!

-Katie Waddell said...

Haha I could too Erin! I've used too with the same mixed feelings. I'll have to check out Hawthorne Threads later, thanks for the tip!!