Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Designer Crush: Sarah Richardson

My love for Sarah Richardson runs deep. Since The Man and I don't have cable I had never seen Sarah's House on HGTV....I know I live under a rock right! I just happened to catch one episode of Sarah's House 2 while at my parents house one night and was hooked instantly.

Thankfully I could watch online at HGTV.com  Her designs are absolutely stunning and she seems so sweet and down to earth! Don't even get me started on how funny she and Tommy are together! (Can you imagine working with him everyday, how fun!....I'd never get any work done!) Anyway, here are some of my favorite spaces from Sarah's House 2
                                             How gorgeous is this dining table???
                                I love this kitchen; sleek, classic and warm.

I usually lean more towards masculine, moody spaces but I LOVE the feminine touches in this Living room. The color palette is beautiful!
                 Sunburst mirror and Carrera Marble...need I say more?
         This basement Family room is by far my favorite though.

                Here are some other favorites from her portfolio
   That mirror is fantastic! I love the texture that it adds to the space!
                                                   Gorgeous wallpaper!

This photo is one of Sarah's rooms from the 2011 Toronto Designer Show House. Love the cheery yellow headboard and ikat stools!!
          All images via Sarah's portfolio found here.
(Caitlin Creer recreated this bedroom look here. I think she did a fabulous job and it just goes to show you that you can take any room and recreate it to suit your budget and needs!)


Beachbrights said...

You asked about the chandy in my Ikea Kitchen Before pictures...it's hanging in my garage. I could not part with it and I am hoping to recycle it! I might spray it white and hang it in my craft room :)

Any ideas?


-Katie Waddell said...

YAY! I was hoping you had kept it, I think it's fabulous!! If I had one I would probably spray paint it white also! It would look great in your craft room too I'm sure! Made me think of this photo of Betsy's (from Lonny magazine) office.

Be sure to post pics whatever you decide to do!! :)