Saturday, April 16, 2011

House happenings

This has been a very busy week at the casa Waddell. We've been working our tushies off getting this house ready to sell. We FINALLY got our counter tops in and cut, (after almost 6 weeks!) just need to pick them up now. Next Friday they will be installed, Yay!!!
This has been the situation in our half bath for a few weeks now:

Painting, flooring, hardware...all done!
    However we still have this going on. Hideous, peeling wallpaper we found behind the moldings(which happens to be the same wallpaper my parents have in their laundry room, must have been popular!) to go along with the lovely "faux marble" counter top (Gotta love the 80's!!) Also our poor sink is rusted and cracking.
    It doesn't look too bad from far off, but trust me it is!!

We are also dealing with this in the kitchen
They picked up our existing counter top this week to have it mitered along with the piece we purchased. (We will be installing a new cabinet to the left of the brown stool, up against the fridge, to create a breakfast bar area.) I can't tell you how many times I have tried to set something down on my non-existent counter!
Here is the other spot we are replacing, on top of the dishwasher.
When we bought this house the counter/cabinet ended at the right of the dishwasher, so we had this awkward space with nothing to fill it. (We had the same situation in the first kitchen photo, the cabinets stopped in the corner so we had about 4 feet of nothing between them and the fridge) My in-laws bought us the dishwasher our first Christmas in the house and we bought the cabinet on the left at our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore last year (both were installed by The Man's very handy brother in law), now all that needs to be done is match the counter tops.
We are finally having them installed along with this light fixture (from this post).

We can't wait to have all of this stuff done and be able to move on with the house!


Erin said...

Good luck with all your house prep--that has to be tiring!

I would totally be setting stuff on the empty countertop, too. :)

-Katie Waddell said...

I almost set a carton of eggs on it this morning, that would've been an awful mess! :)