Thursday, September 18, 2014

Kitchen plans, part one of many

We've been dreaming of gutting our kitchen for three years now.

The day we moved in the oven didn't work, thankfully my parents were in the middle of their kitchen reno so they were able to give us their old one.

Over time almost everything else has fallen apart.

The cabinets are original to our 1950's ranch and had birch door fronts back in the day. Back in the 80's the previous owners thought it would be a good idea (side eyes at them) when they put in new pink laminate counter tops to add laminate to the door fronts too. The doors are so heavy that they're pulling the hinges right out of the cabinets. I gave up trying to put them back on so we have a majorly ugly open storage look going on!

The (empty) soffits are covered in pink wallpaper, the switch for the disposal (which doesn't work anymore) is on the front of the sink cabinet (water and electricity are best friends right!?), the back splash tile looked like an 80's McDonald's bathroom, there is next to no counter space, the dishwasher does not wash dishes-it needs to be fired (Office Space printer scene style!), some of the counters are actually loose in places, the faucet only works if you don't turn it up too high otherwise the water shuts off AND the kitchen and laundry room (directly below the kitchen) are on the same breaker so we can't run the microwave or dishwasher and the washer or dryer at the same time because it trips the breaker.


These pictures are from our first showing with our realtor.


It was overwhelming but I could see through all that CRAP to the potential!

We haven't been able to do a lot with it over the years but stripping the wallpaper in the dining area and  painting the soffits and the tile white was a big improvement

We also removed the cook top that the previous owners had, you can see the piece of plywood below covering the hole in the counter top.

This coming spring we will finally be tackling this beast!

So, so, SOOOOO excited!!!!!

If you've been reading for a while now you know how budget conscious I am. 
This reno will be done as cheaply as possible and I'm excited to share it all here!

Over the next couple weeks I'll be sharing some of our plans here so stay tuned and follow along if you want to.

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