Wednesday, April 9, 2014

It's Spring!

Hi, remember me!?

It's been a crazy, looooong winter here in Montana and I'm so glad that spring has finally arrived (knock on wood)! The boys and I have spent a ton of time outside the past few weeks getting the yard picked up and doing a few projects. We have great curbed flower beds in our backyard but they are full of lava rock and no plants. The boys play in the rocks and the rocks end up everywhere. Over the last week I've been clearing the beds one by one and I'm almost ready to add some plants. I've never been happier to have blisters!

Our computer died last month and the 'filler' we have until the new one gets here is absolutely archaic. I can check my email and that's about it, it took me almost 15 min to get into blogger to type up this post. I can't upload any pics or visit any websites with too many pictures because they won't load, goodbye Facebook! Although at times it's been frustrating living in the dark ages for the last month (we don't have smart phones) it's also been really nice. I really reccomend unplugging for a while if you can!

Once we get the new computer I have a bunch of little projects to share with you: our new living room rug and curtains-which also led to a little furniture and art rearranging, new art from Costco and Isaac's nursery redo.

Hope spring has sprung wherever you are!

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georgia b. said...

we don't have smart phones either. i totally know what you mean about it feeling nice to be away from the social media outlets for a while. thought i missed people when i was off for a year, it was a refreshing time to listen more to myself and hear more from God without the distractions of non-stop flooding of info from the internet. and i know what you mean about having an archaic computer that takes so much time to do the smallest thing. before i got my iMac, i had the most woefully slow computer that had me constantly wanting to pull out every hair of my head! looking forward to you coming back and sharing your latest projects. i so love your style, it's going to be fun to see what's new!