Wednesday, March 5, 2014


"A faith that perseveres through suffering makes a powerful statement about the object of such faith. The human response to pain and suffering is to curse God (Revelation 16:8-11 & 21). Persevering faith shouts for our attention and hallows God's name because it is immovably fixed in absolute confidence in the Lord."

-Barbara Hughes
Disciplines of a Godly Woman

The past few months have been some of the darkest for a few of our friends, especially for a family from our church. They are pregnant with their ninth child, a little girl who they've named Faith. Early on in the pregnancy Faith was diagnosed with  Trisomy 18

Even when we have hope it's heartbreaking to watch those you know and love suffer.

Tomorrow Faith will be delivered via cesarean, she is only expected to live a few hours. Please pray for this family as they face what may be their darkest day yet.

Thank you!


Megan S. said...

so sad! definitely praying!

georgia b. said...

my heart goes out to them, and i will be praying for them, knowing so much of what they are experiencing in these days. i pray they will know the comfort that we felt when we lost our precious girl. and as i know how much harder it gets as the days go on, i will pray for those days even more... and will continue to pray well into them. Lord bless and comfort them.

georgia b. said...

my heart goes out to them. what a precious name... and such a display of their trust in the goodness of God. not sure if Faith's mom would ever be interested in chatting, but if so, let her know i would love to.

Katie Waddell said...

Thank you Megan! Georgia thank you, I will keep that in mind. They are very private but I have a much better idea of how to pray for them now and in the coming days because of what you share, so thank you!