Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thursday randomness

Well, it's kind of discouraging not hearing back about our bathroom so far. 
Trying not to get too down about it. 

I'm giving it a few more days and then I'm calling it and I'll post the after pics here for all my loverly readers.

In other random news, 

(if you're local)

Brass Swan side tables

Brass twin size headboard

Theater chairs-use them like this:

Oh and this made me LOL....haunted sofa in Missoula. Missoula Craig has the BEST stuff by the way.

Have you heard of Kid and Coe?
"We provide a carefully selected list of kid-friendly residences combined with curated insider guides. From child care essentials to coveted neighborhood locations, we offer everything you need to make a home away from home for the whole family."

Pretty cool if you travel a lot with kiddos!

Destinations include, London, San Fran, Amsterdam, Boston, The South of France, New York, Paris, Barcelona etc. 

Lynn Pollard

Susan K Boyle

Malia Pettit

Gregor Hochmuth

Casey Rodgers (Leg Series)

Pretty baubles

Great resource for Hmong fabric-make your own pillows people!

The best bamboo roman shades (put one in the new bathroom-gorgeous with white/cream walls!)

That's all I got night tomorrow night with my main only squeeze and getting my hair did by my fab sister in law on Saturday. New color ya'll, pretty excited!

If you follow me on Pinterest that explains the hair cut/color pinning mayhem that ensued earlier this apologies.

Whatcha up to this weekend???

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