Thursday, October 17, 2013

Debbie Carlos and a dream

Sorry for the silence, the bathroom is done and looks amazing but I'm not posting any photos yet because I may or may not, but totally did, pitch it to a few publications. It's a pipe dream but a friend reminded me this week that you can't achieve a dream without I tried. 

We'll see what happens, cross your fingers for me!

Moving on...........

Debbie Carlos1

I've had these posters from Debbie Carlos saved in my secret Pinterest board (you know you have one too) for a while now but just recently came across them and thought I'd share.

They are printed in halftone, using a plotter-a large format printer mainly used to produce architectural and engineering prints. This kind of printing lends a rough and textural aesthetic to the image, almost looking antiqued. It's very similar to how images are produced for newspapers. Held up close the images will look like a series of dots in various tones of gray to black, but looking at it from afar, will reveal a photograph. It's such a cool, graphic effect!

They are really big, 36" x 48" and won't break the bank at $50.

Here are some in situ......

Debbie Carlos 2

Debbie Carlos 3

Debbie Carlos 4


She has a bunch of other great prints, of all sizes, in her etsy shop....go check it out.


Karen Reid-Mogford said...

Glad the bathroom is finished now you guys have somewhere to poop!, :)
Love those printscxxx

erin williamson said...

I do not like waiting... post pictures stat ;)

georgia b. said...

thanks for sharing. love those prints!! you have great taste in art!