Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Recent finds and revised bathroom plans

I hope you all had a great long weekend. 
Can you believe it's September!? I love fall but man this summer flew by! 

Last Friday the guy who will be working on our bathroom came by to have a look and chat with us about what we wanted to do and set up a start time (beginning of next month). We found some mold in the bathroom cabinet so we decided to get a new vanity. Bath tub and shower are happening too. Yay!

Friday night I spent about an hour online looking at 5ft. bathroom vanities. I hated them all and they were really pricey. There's a guy in town who could custom make one for us but his quote was around $400-$500, which is a really great price for a 5ft vanity but more than we wanted to spend.

I started thinking about a piece of furniture instead of actual cabinetry, looked but there was nothing on Craigslist.

Saturday Stanley stayed home with the boys while my Mom and I went to some garage sales (got a set of antique flatware for $15), antique stores, grocery shopped and went out for lunch. 
Such a fun day!

We also went to The Barn, an antique/vintage shop. I found this great rug for $45 it's about 3'5" x 7'. It is the perfect size for our kitchen......when we remodel in ten years.

 We also found this dresser for $85.00

It was perfect for our bathroom and exactly what I'd had in mind!

Picture it kind of like this....

I'm planning on sanding it down, it won't take much it's pretty rough already, and staining it a little warmer, not so yellow. 
Like this:

I'm going to leave the finish real matte but I need to seal it...Briwax maybe?? Let me know if you've used it or know something else that will work.

Anyway, here is the revised bathroom plan.


We're going to do vertical planking on the bottom half of the wall, just like what we have now with the tile. I'm actually planning on reusing the wood trim to top off the planks. Planking/trim and walls/ceiling will all be Behr's Swiss Coffee. New tub, shower surround and toilet. We'll be getting a laminate top made for the vanity and we already ordered the vessel sink above.
 Two sconces on either side of the mirror. Different mirror than the original plan too, moving it from another room so no money spent. :)

We have this storage set up behind the door (which will be painted high gloss black).

There will be about 9 inches between the new vanity and the wall since it's smaller than the existing one. I'm planning on taking the doors off of those cabinets and having open storage, hamper in the bottom cabinet probably.

Stanley and I are really excited that we'll be able to take a shower upstairs!

It's the little things you know.


Khammany @ Sweet Inspired Home said...

Hi Katie! I also found that vanities were just too expensive when I re-did our guest bathroom and ended up using a curio as a vanity. I can't wait to see how your bathroom turns out! I am a new follower. I invite you to visit my blog if you get a moment, I have a post about the sink vanity! (It's the Cherry blossom sink post) Have a great evening!
-Khammany :)

Katie Waddell said...

Hi Khammany! I did check out your bathroom, that is amazing! What an awesome piece, I can't wait to get ours going soon.

kati @ sohappyhome.com said...

Love the plan, great thrift find! Are your sconces electric? They're so interesting - I'll be interested to see how it all comes together. When we did our bathroom in the old house, we left space beside the sink area, too, which ended up being a great spot for hand towels. I think you'll get a lot of mileage out of that little dresser. Go, Team Thrifty Flea!

Katie Waddell said...

Thank you! Yes, the sconces are electric...an ebay find. They are actually vintage tin, I just took them to an electrician to make sure the wiring is ok and got the go ahead. Yay! I just snagged a little wall mounted extendable mirror, like the ones you shave with, on Craigslist for $2. It's heavy and in the original box from the 80's. I'm planning on putting it on the side of those built in shelves with a hand towel ring below it. I saw a great brass rope style glass topped shelf at a thrift store last week for $7...going back for it so that's an option too. :)

erin williamson said...

Lady it looks good around here!

So I am eternally impressed at your ability to make something out of nothing. That dresser is perfect. Can't remember what I was thinking I would do for my (as of yet undone) kitchen cabinets, but it was some kind of paste wax.

Katie Waddell said...

Thanks Erin! I bought Minwax finishing paste wax, I haven't used it before so fingers crossed!