Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Phone dump- pictures of my cuties and other random stuff

Hi! The holiday season is upon us and things are CRAZY over here!!  It surely is 'the most wonderful time of the year' and definitely the busiest for us. The hubs is working about 65 hours a week at this point getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I have been quite literally stuck at home-we had a HUGE blizzard last week which left us with 16 inches of snow. Not weather for dragging three kids with you to the grocery store!  On top of being an almost single Mom right now (you real single Moms are AMAZING!), I am also refinishing a huge dining table and hutch for a client who is having a big Christmas party December 15th. No sweat huh!?  

All I got for you today is the pics I've finally downloaded off my phone, some of which are from the summer. Lame, I know. However, if you can make it past all the pics of my cutie pie boys there's some pretty awesome pics from an estate sale I went to last week.

Happy Tuesday!!

August-  Before you all call DFS on me......one day after church this summer we had to run to WalMart. Little man was starving of course (don't babies have the BEST timing!), so Stanley ran in with the older boys and I nursed Isaac in the car. When he was done eating I stuck him in Phin's car seat to chill and he loved it!

                                                                     Nom Nom!!

This weekend- These two trouble makers took every single sheet, blanket and pillow in our house, piled them up in Isaac's crib and jumped on in. I'm going to give that crib a really good review for not breaking!!

June- The boys getting some Daddy time about two weeks after Isaac came home from the hospital.

                              Sassy back in September

                                          All bundled up for a walk in October

Snack time theif!!!

                                                            Fun at the park in June

                                                    Playing in the snow last Friday.

                                 Chalk Superman at the Farmers Market in August.

My brother Mikey came home for our younger brothers wedding reception in September and brought Jude the full Star Wars collection on DVD. After we picked him up at the airport the boys had to come home and take naps.  : )

The beautiful Missouri River last month. I wish I had a better camera on my phone....the water was the deepest navy blue that day and this pic sadly doesn't do it justice!

AWESOME (original!) bathroom at the estate sale I went to.

Milo Baughman chrome dining table and 8 chrome chippendale chairs.

My jaw dropped when I saw this dining set not only because of the price-we'll get there in a second- but because I have NEVER seen anything close to this in my town. It's kind of unheard of to have something like this here.

Anyway, whole dining set, table and eight chairs in perfect condition, original (spotless) velvet upholstery........ $1,495!!!! 

You can buy a pair of arm chairs here for $2,125 or two arm chairs and two side chairs here for $2,000.

If only I had a spare $1,500! Oh and a huge dining room!

HUGE Hibiscus sputnik!!! Unfortunately was not for sale.  

6 piece wicker furniture set (twin headboard, nightstand, dresser with mirror and two pieces shown.) $600

Dresser and mirrors set $300

Yup that is a 1970's Gaetano Sciolari cubist chandelier! Once again, not for sale. 



charmaine said...

Your kids are adorable! What an estate sale!!! Speechless.

Katie Waddell said...

Thank you, they are keepers! : ) Hope you're feeling better soon...love those bookends!!

Anonymous said...

Do you have the name of this estate company? I have been looking for those chippendale chairs everywhere. Maybe they are still available for sale!

Katie Waddell said...

I don't I'm sorry!! :(