Thursday, October 4, 2012

Happy Thursday!

chic living

Well, I can hardly believe it but the hubs is taking a whole week off! The last time that he took vacation time was when Isaac was born. He stayed home with the boys for 10 days pretty much by himself while I was in the hospital with Isaac...nice vacation huh!? The day after Isaac came home from the hospital he went back to work and hasn't stopped since. He gets super busy at work through the holidays so it's now or never. Definitely looking forward to some family time! We do have quite a few things to do around the house though. The garage needs cleaning...again. Am I the only one who is REALLY unorganized when it comes to my kids clothes? We need to go through the 592 storage totes of clothes for the boys and reorganize them according to size. Stuff always seems to migrate to different boxes! Our boys grow so fast that I need to have a good system in place for keeping their next size clothes handy. Isaac is already into 9 month clothes and I only have up to 6 month stuff out.

 Anyway that's the boring chore we get to do next week. Tonight, however the nasty carpet in the living room is coming out. Yay! As of right now all of the living room furniture is piled into the dining's a wreck. Kind of wishing my living room looked like the one above. It's a ton of work but it'll be so worth it! I'm also planning a little drapery switcheroo in there. I'll post pics next week.......or maybe I'll take the week off too.

Enjoy the weekend!!

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