Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Plans for our master bedroom

Although it will be a while before we get around to sprucing up our bedroom I wanted to post what my plans are. You know just in case someone else does something similar before I get around to it. Then I can look back at this post and say, "See it WAS an original idea".    :)

Here is what our bedroom looks like right now, yes the closet doors need painting.

Stanley's side of the bed...........that dresser may get a makeover at some point. Faux painted inlaid bone perhaps??

Here is the reason it will take so long to get to our room......that peeling wallpaper. Which is actually two layers not just one.  Stripping wallpaper and pregnancy/newborns don't mix! Hopefully we'll get to it in the next year though.

I still need to add the nickel nailhead trim to the headboard and make the art for either side of the bed. The bedding will stay the same, I have a black and white herringbone blanket for the end of the bed and these fabrics will be added into the mix.

Top: David Hicks Pomegranate fabric for curtain panels

Bottom left: Ikat fabric for throw pillow for bed

Bottom right: Chinoiserie fabric (this fabric is much more chartruese in person!) for extra long lumbar pillow for bed, like the pillow below

This paint color for the walls:

Here is the other side of the room.

Black candles for the Tole sconces. The dresser and mirror will be getting a couple coats of emerald green paint, similar to this:

Here is a (very wrinkled) shot of our bedskirt. I'm thinking I may trim out the bottom edge with some black grosgrain ribbon eventually.

I still haven't decided on lighting yet.

This fixture is going in the nursery, but it's twin (minus the glass panels, they were broken) may get a coat of spray paint for our room.

So there it is........suggestions?



Erin @ His and Hers said...

I like it! I love the idea of the black and white herringbone blanket for the end of the bed. :)

-Katie Waddell said...

Thanks Erin! Loving all of the progress that you guys are making at your house, especially that closet!!!!