Thursday, March 31, 2011

The look for less:Jonathan Adler lamp

I love this Jonathan Adler lamp

What I don't love is the $395 price tag...Ouch! Especially since it would most likely be in a child's room giving it a very high chance of being broken.

This lamp is the perfect choice for a Jonathan Adler-esque makeover, and at $74.99...(cue Bob Barker) the price is right!!

A little high gloss white spray paint and you have a very similar look for over $300 less than the original! I have to say that I actually like the base of this lamp better than original version. Sorry J A!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Grandin Road Wing Chair

On sale now for $299!!!! An unheard of price for great quality, size and style! LOVE the nailhead trim!!!! Available in Brown or Red, here.

Feeling Clammy

Look what I got from here

                                      Resin 17.5" Clam Shell $39!

                              Similar ones sold for $59.95 here
And here for $242.50

And here are some other images of this trendy beauty


The first time I ever saw one was at Young House Love
                         And here is mine all dolled up with some clementines

What I'm loving right now: Bar Carts

I love seeing a Bar cart.....especially a vintage the living/dining room. The Man and I are not big drinkers at all, however I still love the look. Feast your eyes:




Look what I recently picked up at my local thrift store
                        (Ignore our Texas-Chainsaw-Massacre basement!)

 Guess how much I payed for this vintage find????


I know it needs some works but it is in great shape and it was a STEAL!

Here are some other options

$95.95 from  here

$105 from here

My favorite:
Vintage $495 from here

Do you love them...hate them...own them?????

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Home Office

I'm obsessed with Home Offices these days. We've never had a home big enough to have one. Hopefully when we move in the near future we'll have the space for one. Until then here is some eye candy......
                                            Sarah Richardson
                                                          Elle Decor

                                                    Gossip Girl set

                                  LOVE that Eames chair upholstered in Missoni!!!

                                                                     Elle Decor
                                                                      Elle Decor

                                                       Janell Beals

Monday, March 21, 2011

Light Switch

Currently we have a horrid 90's ceiling fan our Living room and ten feet away in our Dining Room we have this gorgeous (and original to the house) chandelier.

So in an effort to pull these two rooms together we ordered this pendant light from here
I think it will do the trick nicely! 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Quiet Time

I'm taking a cue from Marianne and doing a Quiet Time post every Sunday because it is something that's very important to me.

photo from here

"You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you."
Isaiah 26:3 (NIV)

 Daily Bible verse from  here

Friday, March 18, 2011

House Tour

This weekend I'm working on getting things together around the casa Waddell. We will be putting our house on the market soon and there is lots to do!
Hopefully next week I'll have some pictures of our house for you!
                     Are you excited?
              Cause you totally should be!

Alter Egos

 Yesterday my hubby came home from work, handed me a stack of green and told me to go shopping...........................and then I woke up.

Kidding.....this is a true story! My awesome man got a bonus at work and treated me to some kid free shopping. Lucky me.....did I mention how great he is?!!?!

Anyhow here are a few of my cheap purchases and their expensive alter egos:
4x6 Horn frame from Ross $3.99

4x6 Horn frame (from here) $86.00

Square silver wall clock from Target $9.98 (on clearance from $39.99)

 Square silver wall clock from here, $160.00

Michael Kors Coverlet set from Ross $39.99

Same set from here $69.99

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Insane in the Membrane

For the past two days I have been dealing with this
Our poor 9 month old has double ear infections.  : (

Needless to say there hasn't been much sleeping going on at our what did I decide to do at 6am this morning?

 I'm going to be really sore tomorrow!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Fabric and a Fish

This fabric (from this post) arrived bright and early this morning
It was accompanied by this Holly Hunt upholstery velvet (from the Great Plains collection)
These pictures don't do it justice, it's so beautiful in person!

These also tagged along.
I have big plans for these in our future home office!
All fabrics are from my favorite site:
Check them out!

In other news, while at my local Ross this week I picked up this guy for $5.99

Look familiar?
Except this guy goes for about $240!!!

I'll probably use him in our future office on my desk for pens, scissors etc. 
Until then, here he is chillin in my china cabinet (middle shelf on the right)
(Sorry for the glare! It's SO beautiful today, I couldn't bear to close the curtains!)