Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mega Desk

My desk is finally done!

"The Man" has dubbed it Mega Desk like from The Office.

Which by the way, there is NO video of online...I know I'm shocked too. So for those of you who haven't seen it you won't have any clue what I'm talking about.....moving on!

When we moved into our new house there were three hollow core birch closet doors in the garage. These are the real sturdy kind, probably original to our late 50's house. They were all the same size, six and a half by two feet.  Perfect size for a desk top!

I'm sure that you've seen these ClosetMaid storage solutions in a million stores.....I got mine at WalMart for $12 each (although we already owned two of them).

In the beginning I was just going to use one closet door for the desk top and four of the organizers (they are 12x12x31, since my closet doors are 2 feet deep I just had to stack 2 of them-front to back, it'll make more sense soon!)  for the "legs".  Here was the finished product:

It was sufficient, but after a few days I realized that I wasn't using the space in this room to my advantage. On to Plan B! My office is about twelve by twelve and a half so I figured since I have all of the materials (two more closet doors and two more organizers) why not "build" a wall to wall desk?

 I painted everything high gloss white, I used this paint and SWEAR by it! Very easy to use and a VERY high gloss/lacquer look.
I had to have the closet doors cut down about 5 inches each but then it was time to assemble it all. I used 4" mending brackets to connect the organizers together. Then I just drilled 1 1/2 inch drywall screws up through the organizers and into the bottom of the doors.  The doors are such a tight fit on top that I didn't have to anchor them to wall at all. Here is what the end product looks like:

 I know, those wires are so attractive! ; )
12 feet of workspace!!!! Which will come in handy later since we plan to homeschool.

I'm still looking for another chair to use on the other side of the desk and you can see that I have some touch ups to do as well.
 Here you can see how I used the organizers one in front of the other:

This room still needs paint, all that white is a little clinical! I'll show the other side of the room soon....I still have a few projects to complete.

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