Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Refinished coffee table

Last year (!) I bought a coffee table at a garage sale. Mission style, high gloss, orange-y know the drill. Similar to this:
Yes I'm a bad blogger who hardly ever takes before photos....lots of shame on me!

My inspiration was this table from the premiere issue of TradHome:

                                                      image via
Although, I wanted mine a little more blue gray. So I stripped the table and then sanded the crap out of it. A small mountain of sandpaper later it was ready for paint. I mixed glaze, walnut stain and a sample pot of gray paint from Home Depot, until I got a color I liked. It took two thin coats to get the coverage that I wanted and I didn't bother with poly because the more my kids beat it up the better it will look! So, without further boring directions here is the finished product.

 You can see much more of the wood grain in person.

I also had two vintage chairs that needed a makeover. They will go at either end of the dining room table, after I spray paint the four X-back chairs white. They got the same glaze treatment and buttery soft faux leather on the seats (which is much less orange in person!)

I also started painting our hideous faux rock wall! No money in the budget for drywall right now and I have a feeling when it's all done it will be pretty cool.....cross your fingers for me though?


A Few Pennies said...

Your table turned out great. I'm liking the idea of gray paint--and may try in on our out-dated tv center--(typical cherry wood; dark; ugly)---this could work. Thanks for the inspiration.

-Katie Waddell said...

Thank you!!

Kim said...

I love the color! Looks great!

-Katie Waddell said...

Thank you Kim!