Monday, June 27, 2011

The real world

So I thought I'd keep it real on here and post some progress shots. This isn't HGTV where everything magically happens in 30 minutes. (Oh but how I wish it would!) It's been one week and we've gotten a TON of stuff done! Carpet torn out in all three bedrooms and the bathroom, all the bedrooms set up and everyone's clothes unpacked, kitchen unpacked, double broiler and vent hood removed in kitchen, some wallpaper taken down AND I've gotten a bunch of little projects done as well! Like I said, progress in real time. Next up paint, and LOTS of it and some flooring. One small step at a time!
Anyway, here is the proof for you. First up on the tour, the living room. Here is the before, way before..... actually. These are the photos from our first showing....glad that I could see past all of this!

And here it is now.....unstyled, unorganized, unpainted but SO much better!
 Lots of changes will be made eventually. New light fixture (moroccan lantern!) new upholstery for the orange chair and pair of chairs under the window, new coffee table, curtains, paint and accessories.
    Those blinds will be taken down soon....(that front window is HUGE and it gets quite hot in the afternoon) when I am finished making the curtains. Oh and that canvas is just sitting on the back of the couch. :)
Haven't set up our TV yet...planning a really big gallery wall behind the TV and buffet.

Dining Room before:
 After, wallpaper (just the vinyl, haven't gotten to the paper backing yet) torn down and curtains/blinds removed. Unfortunately we found out that there is nothing but studs behind that exterior faux brick crap, so whenever we tear it out we'll need drywall too.
So there you have it....real life/real time progress! I'll be posting more updated shots later this week.....I'm off to strip a piece of furniture for the first time... ever...wish me luck!

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