Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Peter Dunham Fig Leaf

Last week Amber reminded me of my love for this fabric.
 So gorgeous!! And so versatile too!

Lauren at Pure Style Home used it recently in her room in the D.C. Design house check it out here

 It's hiding on the black wicker chair in this photo :)

If you're like me and can't afford it  : (   here are some alternatives. There aren't many to choose from unfortunately. The best in my opinion is Robert Allens Split Leaves sold here for $55.93 a yard, the picture isn't showing up so here is one from a different site:

Here are some other budget friendly alternatives:

Robert Allen Botany Bay Spa fabric $13.90 a yard

Tommy Bahama Indoor/Outdoor Palm fabric from here, $10.98 a yard.

Richloom Linen blend drapery fabric $21.95 a yard. More of a traditional take on it.

Abstract Branches fabric on Spoonflower.com (if you haven't checked them out do it!)

*By the way I just checked my little blogs stats, I have had almost 1,000 views and have readers in the US, Malaysia, Canada, Africa, Mexico, Greece, Australia, the UK, India and Bangladesh!!! Thanks to all of you who tune in......I'm definitely feeling the love today!!!!! ; )

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