Thursday, April 7, 2011


I'm being followed. By an area rug.
The Safavieh indoor/outdoor rug has been following me all over bloggyland this week.

Jenny at Little Green Notebook blogged about it in August of 2009 (seen here) but I somehow stumbled across it just this week.

 Then Kirsten at 6th Street Design School posted a tour of her Kitchen and Dining room  (which is gorgeous by the way!! Check it out!)  Anyway, guess who was there? That's right Mr. Safavieh himself. (She also posted about him here)
 He can be purchased here or here.

 I have to say after seeing him in Kirsten's home he's starting to grow on me. I was pretty skeptical about his "true" colors from just viewing him online, but he's much more brown than yellow in true light. I also love the fact that he's an indoor/outdoor rug! Hooray for a rug my children can't destroy!

If we have a dining room that requires a rug in our new house, I just may have to get him.

I could always say he followed me home.....right?

Somehow I don't think The Man would believe me.

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