Monday, February 10, 2014

Real estate re-do:kitchen

Did you have a great weekend?

We sure did, although Monday morning came way too early! Stanley was off this weekend so we took our two older boys to see the new Lego movie on Saturday. It was Stanley's first time going to a movie with the boys. The movie was really good and we had a blast.

We've been talking a lot lately about replacing our area rug in the living room. It has red lipstick and nail polish on one side, courtesy of our three year old, which is hidden under the couch but means that we can't rotate the rug. Our front door opens right into our living room and the foot traffic on that side has almost worn a path in the rug. I've known for a while now that it needs to be replaced but lets be honest, 9x12+ rugs are expensive! The one we have now was a carpet remnant that we had bound, it's about a 10x13.5 and only cost around $200. I think we'll be doing the remnant thing again just in a darker color. I'd love to get something vintage but there is no way we can afford $1000+ for a rug in such a high traffic area. Anyway, like I said we've been toying with the idea for a while but what happened yesterday solidified that idea. Right as we got to church we noticed that Isaac had something black smeared all over one knee of his khakis (I don't know how we put him in the car and didn't notice it). Neither of us had any idea where it came from but it looked like kohl eyeliner to me. When we got home I checked the bathroom and all of my makeup was in the drawer, which he can't get in to. We also found black stuff on the hardwood floor and the rug in the living room, small dots of it all over. I cleaned for almost an hour last night and there's no getting it all off, so I'm going to look at some remnants tonight. I'll keep you updated!

Ok, back to our mid mod gem of a house:

              This kitchen could be soooooo good! It has a lot of space and a great layout!

There is an awkward open space in between the wall and lower cabinets below (there is one above too to the left of the door) but there is a simple fix.

Since the lower cabinets would be painted, just add some open storage for cookbooks etc. and paint it too, like this:


I would rip out the drop ceiling and fluorescent lights along with all of the upper cabinets and the island. The lower cabinets look like they are in good condition so I would just paint them. Add hardwood floors, new countertop and subway tile, new appliances and hardware and a built in banquette and you've got a brand new space!

hidden potential kitchen 1
hidden potential kitchen 2

Next time: Master bedroom!

Happy Monday :)

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Leah said...

all of your picks are awesome and the banquette would be magnificent!