Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I'm sure, like me, you've seen this ALL over.

It's like that column in one of the magazines, Celebrities: They're just like us. It shows various famous people taking out the garbage, pumping gas, grocery shopping etc.

I get it.

They're people.

Seriously, though?

I understand that some woman may find this motivational but I sure don't.

Does Beyonce clean her own house, cook her own meals?

Does she do laundry until midnight only to get in bed and hear the baby crying for a bottle?

Does she touch up her roots or trim her own hair because it's impossible for her to get to the salon?

Does she spend all day running errands with four kids in tow?

Does she spend nap time on the phone/computer paying bills?

She might, but probably not.

She has an entourage of make up artists, stylists, nannies, assistants, drivers, etc. etc. ETC.

The woman has more resources at her disposal in one day than most of us have in our whole lives!

So ladies (and mama's especially!), cut yourself some slack!

 For wearing a ponytail six days a week.

For having dirty dishes from two nights ago still in the sink.

For choosing to nap during nap time instead of do the 27th load of laundry.

For not having it all together all the time.

Let's stop comparing ourselves to everyone else, especially celebrities!

Getting off my soap box now.


Karen Reid-Mogford said...

Heck yes! They have frikkin night nannies! You think B got up every 2hours to feed the bubba? Nope. Gosh can you imagine how easy child raising could be with multiple forms of help?! Insert my sigh. Here.

Katie Waddell said...

Lol Karen! Easy yes, but definitely not worth it...we'd miss SO much!

kelley said...

Wonderful post! Right on! I would add weight control/working out - trying to fit it in without a cook/trainer/backyard pool etc. Kelley