Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Round these parts...

Thanks for the breaky break peeps, I needed it for sure. 

The creative juices were dammed up behind a lot of stress and I didn't feel like posting crap truth be told. After giving up taking a break from working out (going to the Dr. 10 weeks into a VIGOROUS exercise program/diet change and finding out that you haven't lost any weight will do that to you) I'm back in the game. Vanity aside, I function better, as a wife and especially as a Mom when I get a work out in. Stress relieved (for the most part), heart and body and Mommy healthier and happier. 
5:30 am comes way too early though!

I don't have an amazing comeback post unfortunately (just some random stuff), but I need to post something because looking at those pictures of my baby all wired up every time I come to check my blog roll is KILLING me!
Told you, they make me super sad to look at.

Onward and upward!

Last week I cooked up two of my favorite pizza's for the hubs and I. 
Thai Peanut Chicken and Caramelized Onion, Pear and Blue Cheese.

They are sooooooo good!!!! 

Too good not to share.......

I made mine on whole wheat naan this time around but you can use whatever crust you like.

The Thai Peanut has peanut sauce, duh, grilled chicken, dry roasted peanuts, cilantro and mandarin oranges. You can also add red bell pepper, which is good but gives me major heartburn so, no bueno.

For the other, caramelize some sweet onions in a pan. Layer those with some sliced pears, more grilled chicken (I had a bunch left from the other pizza but this is just as good without it) and blue cheese, drizzle with a good quality olive oil. I like to add pine nuts too but didn't have any on hand.

I topped both with mozzarella cheese but you can use whatever you like, provolone would be good too. I also use sliced cheese instead of grated, I don't like a ton of cheese and the slices melt thin and perfect.

Cook and enjoy!

I've made some changes in the dining room over the past few weeks.
New light fixture (old one is going in the stairwell by our back door).

Brass and acrylic beauty....$20 on Craigslist.

Also here is my new free dining set.

^ Buzz Lightyear's down for the count

Vintage parsons beauty my uncle gave us and vintage brass Chromcraft  Breuer style chairs, new upholstery soon, from an old church friend (thanks Sandy!!!) 


I've been working on getting the living room painted this week, one wall at a time. Anyone else  do that? I usually clear the room and just knock it out but I can't do that when I'm home with all three boys. So, I've been blocking one side of the room off with furniture and painting. It's been chaos but it's slowly getting done.

I also painted the bookshelf in question, the white is the wall color (Swiss Coffee by Behr) and the black is high gloss oil based Rustoleum.

 Nice non styling huh? 

I especially like the sunglasses that a certain one year old threw up there. 

Art is changing, shelves will be properly styled but it's progress none the less. 
(See my wicker mini peacock chair? It was fifty cents at a garage sale :)

I'm still, still, STILL not done with our bedroom.

Headboard needs nail head trim, art needs some tweaking and nightstands need some love but I still love the color-Billiard Table in high gloss by Behr.

I really, really love the way our crappy shutter closet doors look painted! 
I think if I had the chance to swap them out for solid panel doors I wouldn't.

Remember the ottoman I made? I'm working on making two for a friend of mine and I'm going to take some pictures and show you the whole process......soon. I also need to make another one for myself, sold that one. :)

Hope you are having a great week!

It's good to be back.

PS- I just watched Atonement this week. 
Have you seen it?
How have I not until now?!??

Absolutely amazing and I totally did the ugly cry at the end. 

Watch it!!!


Erin said...

Girl, it is looking good! You've done a lot!!!

So -- sorry to ask this publicly, but are you nursing? If so, the weight ain't going NOWHERE until after you wean. Don't beat yourself up! Babies are hard enough on us already :)

Katie Waddell said...

Thanks Erin!! No, I'm not nursing anymore-wish I was, I miss it. Isaac weaned himself about 6 months ago, crazy kid. I swear it takes me at least a year after weaning a baby until I finally start feeling like myself again and start dropping the weight. I laugh at those people who say nursing burns so many calories you'll lose a ton of weight, that never happened for me unless I was pumping. So weird but when I was pumping when Isaac was in the NICU I lost like 10 lb.s (same thing when I pumped for 10 weeks with Jude). The second he started nursing and I quit pumping I gained it all back. So I quess if I ever want to look like Kate Moss I just have to pump every three hours round the clock ;) pass! Saw Luke's nursery on Popsugar...Congrats!

Karen Reid-Mogford said...

Wow busy bee!
Loving the noms!
And I'm jealous you have shutters on your wardrobe....mine is open and I hate seeing all my clothes! I need me some shutter doors! X