Friday, May 17, 2013

The best of Craigslist: Portland edition

In honor of Craigslist cities that actually have awesome stuff, I bring you a new series: The best of Craigslist. 

I'll find the diamonds in the rough, you buy them and then send me pics!

Portland you're up first........

HUGE green shelving unit $125, how great would this be in a playroom!?

Cute oak chair $14, give it a makeover!

HUGE Oak mirror 52"x34", $50.....lean it in you entryway, bedroom, closet, living room etc.

10 x 6 Pink chenille sectional $1000 could be great like this one:

or this one.

12x9 rug $250, please someone buy this!!!!

Wood hanging lamps $60 each, for your bedside tables ala Emily Henderson:

Happy shopping!!!

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