Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Updating for spring and a curtain trick

FYI this is the post of stolen Facebook photos and crappy iphone pics, you've been warned.

Over the last few years I've been helping my parents update their house. They gave the exterior an overhaul before moving to the  inside. The kitchen and bathrooms were next, along with new flooring and paint for the whole house. (I swear I will have it properly photographed someday because it has turned out beautifully!!) 

Here is a before photo, that I stole off of Facebook. Cedar ceiling, blue carpet, blue paint, oh and blue furniture.

It's Christmas.....don't we look happy. 

 This was shortly after the painting was done and the new furniture was delivered but before the new carpet was installed. We also added that mantle/shelf because there was none. This is another stolen FB photo, sorry!

New flooring, new area rug (from Sam's Club!) and new curtains.

Congrats to my brother who graduated from college.....last year ;)

The pattern on those curtains is great but it's a little too dark for spring. 

 Much better!

My Mom also picked out a new lamp and throw pillows (these are all from Ross and Target- here, here and here.) 

Pouf from Target, here.

So pretty and so easy.

 The curtains (both the old and new ones) are not curtains. They are actually tablecloths from Target held up with drapery clips. When it comes to drapes (and most anything) look outside the box. It can pay off big time!

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