Thursday, January 10, 2013

Western, Rug, & Native American Antique Auction

Oh how I wish I was going to be in Bozeman this weekend!! There is a HUGE auction going on, a lot of it is silent auction online. You can bid online and either pick up your items on Sunday or have them shipped.

They have some B-E-A-UTIFUL rugs.....for SOOOOO cheap- all of these below are under $50 right now and some of them are as big as 9x13!! They also have some great furniture and art.

Go check out the whole auction, it ends tomorrow though so hurry!

How cool is this beaver pelt blanket!?!?!

*MONTANANS-If you have family or or an awesome friend who could pick up your item for you it would be so worth it to bid and arrange for pick later, the prices are amazing! 

Oh and then send me pics of what you get!!

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