Friday, January 4, 2013

Refinished dining set

Happy New Year!! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas spent with the people you love. We sure did!

 My boys were sick over Christmas....of course. Thankfully they weren't too sick (yet) to really enjoy themselves. Phin was great, it's the first year where he has been old enough to really get it. I caught quite a few (hoarse) squeals of delight on video during present opening! 

All three of our boys have had croup/sinus infections since Christmas. I ended up in the immediate care with Phin last Friday night and my Mom and I spent six hours in the ER with Isaac Saturday night into Sunday morning. So sad when they are sick through the holidays! On top of that my brother and his wife have been visiting from WA and we've barely seen them because we've been so sick. :(

 Thankfully, everyone is starting to feel better and just in time for Jude's birthday this weekend. I have miraculously avoided getting sick, thanks in part (I think) to a healthier lifestyle. I've started doing the Insanity workout, the first four days I really wanted to quit. Actually I really wanted to DIE I was so sore! Ten days in and I have to say I feel great! Doing Insanity 6 days a week is not realistic for me right now because of how hands on the boys are and homeschooling. However, my goal is to do it at least four times a week and the days that I don't do it to do yoga/pilates or other cardio and some weight training. I'm also trying to have a 'cleaner' diet....I'll save that for another post. ;)  I'm very thankful for the supportive friends and family members that I have!

Anyway, back to business! 

This is the dining set that I refinished back in December. My client wanted a light oak and antiqued off white finish. ( It was her Grandmothers dining pressure right!?) I forgot to take before photos but it was stained a medium maple color. 




Some details.........

And here they are in my clients home.

This set turned out great and my client was thrilled! I got done just in time for them to host a big Christmas party in their new home with a beautiful 'new' dining set. :)

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Nat said...

Being sick during the holidays is the worst! The dining room looks great!!