Saturday, January 26, 2013

Juju hat love

eclectic master

This eclectic bedroom all started with that beautiful lucite box framed Juju hat. 

                                                                        Source: via Katie on Pinterest

(You can find it here at One Kings Lane.)

After posting it on my Facebook page, one of my friends sent me a link for a DIY version from Vintage Farm Furniture. (Thanks again Jennifer!) 

                                                          Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Doesn't that look like the real deal!?

Check out the full tutorial here.


Meredith M. said...

I guess you saw (since you commented on the post), but I just won a Juju hat at a local showroom. I LOVE that blue one! I'm definitely going to bookmark the DIY tutorial for the future, because the real deal is expensive.

Katie Waddell said...

Aren't they!? Love the one you got...what a great prize!

Tobe | BIA said...

ummm...i might have to give this one a try!!! so looks like the real deal!

Katie Waddell said...

Tobe isn't it so good!!?!