Sunday, December 2, 2012

An eclectic entry and some paint plans


Thanks for the well wishes concerning our anniversary everyone!! We unfortunately haven't been able to celebrate yet.  I am just getting over the cold-flu and two of our boys have had the stomach flu this week. On top of that I've working on refinishing a huge dining set for a new client, which I'll be sharing soon! Hopefully we'll get a chance to sneak out sans kids soon.....Anniversary lunch or coffee? ; )

Been playing around with some paint colors in our living room and bedroom....what else is new huh!? The above wall color is Brinjal by Farrow and Ball aka 'fancy paint we don't have here'. Since I love the color so much I've been searching for something close and I did find a similar shade by Behr called Ripe Fig.

I have a test spot up in our living room and I love it, I'm thinking it's exactly what this room needs.

Also tested Behr's Realm (below) in our bedroom.

I'm loving that color too, dark and moody. Perfect for our tiny bedroom!

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Leah said...

loving your paint plans. I have been wanting to paint something brinjal for a while now! I think it would look fantastic in your living area!