Friday, February 17, 2012


So, have you been waiting with bated breath for my little announcement??

My ultrasound went great! We had a really awesome tech who turned the screen away whenever she got close to any private parts, and sealed the picture and the card announcing baby's sex in an envelope immediately. After the ultrasound was over we took the card, which said "It's a ________!" (our ultrasound tech filled in the blank and sealed it away) to a local bakery (Crooked Tree Coffee and Cakes...YUM!!!!!) and dropped it off. They made us two dozen cupcakes with either pink or blue frosting on the inside, so that we could all take a bite and find out together. That night we met our family and some close friends at my parents house for our gender reveal. It was so much fun! 

And the frosting is..................................................


Yep, that's right another boy!!   I guess I'm just destined to be surrounded by handsome men!

Introducing Isaac Asher Waddell, who by the way was sucking his thumb through the entire ultrasound!

 Our little alien! ; )

It's a boy!!

I have to say that for a very long time I was SURE that this time it was a girl. However, the night before my ultrasound I had a dream that we had another boy. When I woke up that morning I "KNEW" that it was another boy! Having a girl would've been fun, but I am really not disappionted at all!! I LOOOOOVE my boys and having another one just seems perfect, I don't know how else to describe it. We are very excited to say the least!

However, I am back to square one with Isaac's nursery. I'm just not loving the direction that I was going before. Pretty sure I've figured it out though and I'll share it with you soon! It may include some of these things:

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

I will also have some pictures of our newly painted living room soon. I really did like the colors that we had before but the paint finish was AWFUL! I bought satin but once I got it up on the walls it was clear that satin was not going to cut it. Every mark, handprint, etc. showed up and could not be washed/wiped off. Having boys and (pretty much) flat paint is a big no-no! I had a gallon of semi gloss leftover from painting the office so I decided to go the budget friendly route and just use that. I had to buy one more gallon but that will get me down the hallway as well (next on the to-do list). I also sold the coffe table that I refinished and bought something a little more up my alley, along with an area rug which should be here Monday. Once we get the rug layed down I'll take some pics.

Posting may be sparse for the next week, we have a church conference this weekend and on Monday poor Jude has to have surgery. It's a really quick procedure but since it's a little traumatic (he has to get re-circumsised) he has to be put under for it. Prayers are appreciated!!

Have a great weekend!!!!


Erin @ His and Hers said...

Aww congrats! I've always loved that frosting idea as the reveal. :) Too cute!

-Katie Waddell said...

Thanks Erin! We are very excited and that cupcake idea was SO much fun....thank you Pinterest! ; )